Transformation 360 - Keto program


You start by completing a 4-page questionnaire that looks at 15 health conditions based on your symptoms. This questionnaire can be done online or hard copy and will establish your own personal WICO™Score. You then go onto a Keto dietary program that bio-chemically sets your body to use your excess abdominal fat for fuel. You will typically feel better than normal, while on the program, with heightened energy and mental state, while having NO hunger or cravings.

Three Keto meals are taken every day where whole foods (no process, packaged, frozen or canned foods) are eaten with a protein and good carbohydrate at each meal. The food list includes all the proteins including eggs, cheese and other proteins and all the vegetables except for starchy ones like corn and potato. 

In between meals, a beverage drink is consumed to replace any cravings and ensure balanced blood sugar, while providing the body with all the key nutrients (amino acids, minerals and vitamins), that are needed in a very bio-available manner. This is not a meal replacement or a shake, but just 2-3 ounces of water, mixed with 10 grams of a protein powder that is delicious that comes in different flavors. This is consumed twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.

Once within 5 pounds of goal weight, the same WICO™ Score Questionnaire is repeated. The changes on the results of these two questionnaires allows a specially trained healthcare practitioner to pinpoint your nutritional deficiencies needing correction, the likelihood of any food allergies/sensitivities you may have and chronic conditions that will take more than lifestyle and nutrition to correct. In this way the root cause of your symptoms can be pinpointed so that recommended therapies are long lasting and sustainable.

Dr. DeYoung will meet with you each week to monitor your progress.



Weight & BMI Loss

Avg. = 27.3 Lbs. Lost
Avg. = 10.6% BMI Reduction

Inches & Body Fat Loss

Avg. = 18.6 Inches lost
(7 body measurements)
Avg. = 6.4% Loss in Body Fat


Avg. = 20.4% Cholesterol Reduction


Avg. = 40% Triglycerides Reduction
Avg. = 19.4% Fasting Blood Sugar Reduction

Blood Pressure

Avg. = 30 pts. Blood Pressure Reduction